Street Food

Yorkshire Outdoor Catering

With Yorkshire Outdoor Catering and Street food gaining more popularity across Yorkshire, we have produced freshly prepared hot meal options available for any special occasion or catering event. All the below menu options can be served indoor or outdoor by our professional street food caterers. These menu choices are ideal for evening food options for a wedding, or party food for celebration types of occasions and also corporate events - but we are always happy for clients to mix our menus around a bit to enable them to meet there exact requirements for their event. These menus are perfect too for many other types of events, gatherings and occasions!

Yorkshire street food is basically a convenient hot and tasty way to sit or even stand with a meal. Food on the go, whatever the weather - wrapped or served so it is easy to manage yet extremely satisfying and filling for the all.

Yorkshire Roast Beef Wraps

Slices of slow roasted Yorkshire beef cooked with our secret herbs served in a wrap.


Rocket and parmesan Salad
Mixed olives
A selection of vegetarian quiches (v)
Vegetable pakora (v)


English mustard
Cranberry sauce

Free Range Bacon and Sausage Sandwiches

Free range crispy dry cured bacon and Homemade caramelised onion sausages

served in
Fresh baked white bread buns
Selection of sauces

Yorkshire Lamb Wraps

Shredded spit roasted Yorkshire lamb with garlic & infused with rosemary and served in a wrap

served with

Homemade onion & mint sauce
Ale chutney


Nachos and dips
Mixed green salad
Homemade coleslaw
Selection of quiches (v)

Spit Roasted Tandoori Chicken

Large skewers of chicken breast roasted over charcoal on spits marinated in Tandoori spices

Sliced and served into wraps
With a salad garnish and homemade mint yogurt


Vegetable samosas
Onion bhajis
Mini poppadums

Long Boat Chilli Dawg

Homemade Pork & Caramelised Onion Sausage Loaded with Homemade Chilli.

served with
Grated Cheese

With a selection of traditional sauces
Our signature homemade spicy ‘Fire Juice’ chilli sauce.

Traditional Buffet

A selection of quiches
Nachos and dips
Onion bhajis
Vegetable samosas
Mixed olives
Homemade coleslaw
Cajun rice salad

Crockery & Cutlery Upgrade
All street food menus come with quality disposable crockery and cutlery, but why not upgrade to 8″ porcelain plates and stainless steel cutlery or 10″ porcelain plates and stainless bead design cutlery. We also offer upgrades on dessert bowls and stainless steel spoons.

Ask us about availability and pricing of our street food menus.